Friday, March 25, 2011

Fabulous Friday

Today Isaiah and I took off on an adventure with my sweet friend, Mary, and her furry baby, Lilly! Lilly rides in style with her little stroller and Isaiah really enjoys his "playdates" with her. Today we loaded up our water and strollers and took off for Lake Mirror. What a great way to see God and all His creations. The mommy ducks were leading their ducklings around on little adventures. New life was everywhere! Our conversation was amazing. We both shared the many ways God has been working on us. I know great things are about to happen in Mary's life and I can't wait to be right there along side for the ride. She has a true servant's heart. After the lake we wandered over to Hollis Gardens. First stop was the koi pond. A little shade and some nice cold apple juice for Isaiah was the perfect little break. Then we explored the gardens. So much to see. Once we finished we strolled on over to Garden Bistro for a fabulous lunch. Both of the "kids" were so well behaved. Mary and I each ordered a smoked salmon salad with capers, hearts of palm and artichoke hearts. DELICIOUS! All of the passer bys were smitten with Lilly and her stroller. They were so surprised to see a lil pup with a pink bow riding alongside Isaiah. After lunch we passed through the water park and let Isaiah play in the water. Lilly was having no part of this.
I am so thankful for the people God has put in my life. Mary is a real inspiration and such a positive person to be around. Our conversations are always so real and so uplifting. God is working hard in her life and I will be praying for your next adventure, Mary! WE LOVE YOU! ps....Mary and I are looking to a new venture as we explore our roles as "Lakeland Housewives". Stay tuned for our big announcement!
Isaiah playing in the water.

Mary and Lilly

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A New Path

Well, it's official! I will not be returning to the classroom next year (atleast not with Polk County). I will miss my Pinewood co-workers and students dearly but as any teacher today knows it has become such a time consuming career with all the paper work and hours of lesson planning. You can get so wrapped up that you lose your focus. My main focus has always been my relationship with my students but (as most things go) the county wants more, more, more. I'm all about being a great teacher but I think it has gone way too far. My main priority is to be a great mom now. For me, I couldn't see taking Isaiah to daycare at 7am and not picking him up until 5pm only to put him to bed at 630pm. I understand that many parents have to make this choice and I am in NO WAY passing judgement, this is just what is best for our family and God has blessed Michael with a career that allows us do to this. Financially we have made many sacrifices and they have all been worth it. We live the Dave Ramsey lifestyle to the best of our abilities (thanks Dad).
I have struggled quite a bit with this choice as I have been going through a bit of an identity crisis. I love my son very much but I was so used to being a teacher and having a career. I never once thought I wouldn't LOVE the opportunity to stay at home. It was my "dream". It has been a struggle. I have given up lots of adult interaction and have replaced it with tears, laughs, dirty diapers, first smiles, dirty bottles, play time and lots of laundry. It's such a change from the life I have lived the last 8 years. It's not about me and Mike anymore, it's all about Isaiah.
I have been praying and searching a lot for my greater purpose in life. Mike and I are involved in a small group called "Chazown" where we are discovering God's unique plan for each of us individually. I really feel like He is calling me to branch out and do some new things. I am praying to find just the right balance between parenting and outreach. I love spending time with my son and I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING in this world, but I am feeling the tug at my heart to raise him by example. I want to make a difference. When my time comes to meet my maker I don't want to have any regrets. I want to look back and know my life had purpose, that I made a difference and mostly that I had a hand in preparing His kingdom! I am looking forward to this new chapter and I am excited to see where it takes me. Maybe a part time job, maybe some volunteer or mentoring opportunities.....time will tell!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

And then there were 5!

First there were three!

Then there were four!

And soon....there will be five!

We are so excited for our dear friends, the Cobbs'. Very soon they will be welcoming their newest little BOY into their family. YEAH for all things blue! Congrats Phil, Carrie, JC and Sutherlynn! We love you all!