Thursday, August 23, 2012

.....plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." In the big picture God is talking about our eternal life with him. The future and hope that we find IN HIM. However, He also has plans for this earthly life that help bring us closer to Him and encourage us to be Jesus to those around us. I began this series of posts a few weeks ago. Let me just begin by appologizing for slacking on this last one. LIFE HAS BEEN A WHIRLWIND AND A ROLLERCOASTER RIDE! Mike was offered an amazing opportunity within his company and it is taking us to a place we never thought we would return. Memphis! Now, I don't mean that in an awful way. It just wasn't in "our plans". Funny thing about "our plans", they aren't His plans. A very dear person to me always reminds me that "Man plans, God directs!" This is so true. God has a bigger plan for us. When this offer came in we didn't even start by talking about the "job". We talked about what God was trying to set forth for us. There have been so many "mile markers" and situations that have lead to this decision and it just blows me away to look back and see how He has prepared this path over the past year. I will not even begin to tell you that I didn't try to fight God on this one. I have so many special people here in Lakeland and it BREAKS MY HEART to have to walk away from this life. Mike always says that "God moved us 800 miles from home just to bring us back HOME". We were poured into here. We have built relationships that will last in my heart forever. We are who we are now because of this experience and for that reason, Lakeland will always own a part of my heart. I seriously cried for two weeks (just ask my mother in law. she was here the first week and probably thinks i'm a WHACK A DOODLE). There are still days that I ugly cry. I have decided this move is like the grieving process for me. I have been filled with saddness and cried my eyes out. There was a period of denial. Then a period of pure silliness that I can't even explain. Who knows what will come next. All I know and WHAT I HAVE KNOWN through the entire process is that this is where God wants us. I do know that 110%. With every fiber of my being. I just know it! He has gone before us and paved the way. I am sure everyone is waiting for this ground breaking ministry I am going to announce, but that is just not the case. God is slowly revealing His plan and we are just waiting to hear the rest. What I do know is that this isn't just about a career move. It's about a GOD MOVE. It's not about closing a chapter. It's about BEGINNING A NEW CHAPTER. It's not about life ending because of a broken heart. It's about LIFE BEGINNING FOR THOSE WITH BROKEN HEARTS. I am excited, nervous, sad, happy, anxious, sane one minute and crazy the next. But that's ok because I am a daughter of the King and He is going to get me through this. I saw something the other day that really made me laugh but it is exactly where I am right now. It referenced the "footprints" poem about two sets of footprints in the sand. Then through hard times there was just one set because God carries you through. This went on to point out the long ditch in the sand. It is where God drug you through the sand. hahahahaha, that is so me right now. He is dragging me because my earthly self is so much more content with the known and the comfort of being in Lakeland. All that said, we are looking forward to all of the perks that come with moving back home. FIrst and foremost Isaiah is going to get to know his family a whole lot better and this puts a big smile on my heart. There are also the friends that we rarely see anymore because we all have children and go 9 million different ways. There will be trips to Greersferry Lake (woohoo), Bama games, great shopping, weekend trips to Nashville, LOTS OF BABYSITTERS (although Isaiah is really going to miss his Uncle Mike and Aunt "Gegan" Megan), and SEASONS! For all you prayer warriors please keep us in your prayers. Specifically for continued peace, safe travels, sanity, and that we find a great home in a great neighborhood. ~STAND FIRM IN FAITH~