Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Isaiah Had Surgery

Isaiah has never really been a great sleeper. As a 2 1/2 year old he has still failed to sleep through the night. He has been a snorer his whole life but I never thought much of it. All in all he has been a very healthy child. Only had one ear infection, strep once and never tonsillitis. Fast forward to moving to Memphis: Isaiah's allergies went bonkers. This didn't really surprise me since Mike and I both struggle with it here as well. However as spring came upon us his tonsils were staying so swollen that he was no longer able to eat without choking or spitting back up everything he tried. It was so sad and so frustrating. He started losing weight pretty fast and his sleep habits got worse. I took him to his pediatrician who then referred us to an ENT. Boy oh boy am I glad we met him! Isaiah had very enlarged tonsils and adenoids. Hence the lack of sleep, lack of good sleep when he did sleep, weight loss and food aversions. We went in for surgery on May 10. I think Isaiah thought we were at a play ground! We played a lot while waiting to get everything started. It was a great distraction since he couldn't have anything to eat or drink. He was such a big boy getting weighed in. Once it was time to leave us and head back he got to go through the "toy tunnel" and pick any toy he wanted. Mike laughs because he picked the cheapest toy they had. The nurse was so impressed with his bravery. I think it was the sword! He kept posing for us , "I Mike the Knight, to the rescue!" We didn't see him again until he was in recovery. As he was waking up they brought us back so we would be there when he woke up. I felt so bad for my sweet little boy. He was out of it and in some pain. They told us he couldn't leave until he drank about 4 ounces of his juice. It was really tough convincing him to do this. They finally put us in a private recovery room and turned on Disney Jr. That helped and eventually he started drinking for us. After three hours in recovery we were discharged and home we went. It wasn't always pretty..... but after a ten day recovery he came through smiling on the other side. And mommy is smiling too because ISAIAH SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT! Happy days are here again!

Touch A Truck

The city of Germantown hosted a spring event called "Touch a Truck". They set out all the service trucks that you see being used around town. This a was a little boys dream! Isaiah (and his Daddy) really enjoyed playing on all the big machines.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Family News

We are so happy to share that Isaiah is going to have another cousin! Uncle Dave and Aunt Krissy will be welcoming Miss Layla Elizabeth into our family sometime in September. We cannot wait to love on this precious little girl! I am so glad we will get to spend time with her while she is so little. I have been going back through Isaiah's old pictures and am blown away at how fast he really has grown. That sweet baby phase goes by way too quick. I know that Dave and Krissy are going to be amazing parents. We love you all.....all three of you! YEAH!