Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cowboy Boots or Flip Flops?

This post has been a few months in the making, so bare with me if I begin to ramble! Back in the spring Mike was offered a new position with his current company. This new opportunity would place us in Nashville, TN! Before January 2010 this would have been a no brainer. I don't think we would have given a second thought. Bags would have been packed, uhaul loaded and we would have happily traded in our Florida flip flops for some Tennessee cowboy boots (mine with rhinestones of course...hahaha) Don't get me wrong, we had made some wonderful friends down here in Lakeland but something was missing. Was it being close to our family? Was it our friends in Memphis? Was it the true southern lifestyle? was God!

We had started visiting TBA church in late 2009 and by January 2010 we had joined our small group (you have already heard about them a bunch in previous posts, one word.....AMAZING!) Our lives are forever changed. God has really been working on us and when this opportunity came about we both just looked at each other like, "what do we do?" Michael and I both had an overwhelming feeling that God was still doing great things with us here in Lakeland. We finally have a church that we call HOME and we have made some wonderful bonds with new friends as well as strengthened our bonds with other friends. Each day was a new emotion. First we wanted to stay, then we wanted to go, then we didn't know. Was this God opening a new door for us? Was this satan trying to pull us away from doing God's work? So by day four I made the decision to COMPLETELY , 100%, hand this over to God. If He had work for us in Nashville He would provide us with the clear sign to go ahead. If He wanted us to stay in Lakeland He would let us know. Jen and Bryan were the first to know of this. They prayed with us and for us and we are forever grateful. Mary, Cheri, Bryan, and the other pastors soon learned of the news and lifted us in prayer as well. I was AMAZED at everyones reactions. Even though they didn't WANT us to go they never made it about them. They promised to pray for God's will to be seen and His work to be done.

I thought the days would drag on and I would be trying to make the decision as quickly as possible. Honestly, there were days I completely forgot until someone asked. I'm sure I had my moments, but thanks to everyones prayers I had strength to truly hand it over. I had an overwhelming sense of "everything is going to be ok". God has really taken care of us the past few months (well all our lives really) but we have seen Him working in us and FOR us. I know that I would never be a stay at home mom if it weren't for Him. Our budget never works on paper, but every month we make it!

Well, folks...this week God answered! Mike was again approached about the new postion. WE had some concerns about the selling of our house and finances but those were minor compared to the desires of our hearts to serve the Lord. The answer couldn't have been more clear. I asked for a burning bush and I got it! Michael was offered the position and instead of doing it in Nashville, they are letting him stay here and work from the Lakeland office! I know where God wants the DeAngelis family for now! We couldn't be more excited and thrilled for His answer and I truly believe we would feel that way no matter what he directed us to do. You see, we are here to serve Him and as long as we keep Him first and let Him guide our paths we will always be in the right place.

Michael has joined forces with a few other men at church and is part of the Men's Ministy Leadership Team. I hope you will watch this video they made and shared with our congregation. I wish Mike would blog because his testimony is so powerful! I know I am not perfect and I know I never will be, but Jesus died for ME so that I will be perfect in the eyes of my Heavenly Father. Thank you Lord for always coming through!

God is First! from TBA Church on Vimeo.


Summer Play Date....take one!

Myself and four other moms from church deided to schedule some play dates this summer. We kicked off the summer at our pool and the kids had a BLAST! There were 5 mommies and 11 kiddos! YEP....11 kiddos! I love spemding time with these fabulous moms and getting tips on the mommy life. I am also so thankful that Isaiah gets to grow up with all these great kids around him. As you will see from the pictures, Alyssa is kind of in love with him! Alyssa is going in to FOURTH GRADE! This is hard for me to believe since, not too long ago, she was one of my kindergarten students (tear)! She is so great with him and it's a great break for me. (future babysitter.....GUARANTEED!) I am looking forward to more play dates in the weeks to come. Thank you Tonya, Beth, Cheri and Sharon for sharing your time with us and for making wonderful memories.

Alyssa and Isaiah

Boys! Boys! Boys! Baby Owen, Carson and Austin. (Miss Kaitlyn is studying Owen, she loves "baby")

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Fun!

Wow! I can't believe summer is here! The teacher in me is super excited because it means I get lots of summer play dates with all of my teacher friends. Mike and I sat down to take a peek at our calendar today and all I can say is WOW! I am super excited for Isaiah's first summer. We have so many great things planned. I couldn't believe how many things we have planned already. We haven't really left room for much else but it's going to be a blast! Here is a sneak peek of blogs to come:
Friday play dates with friends and kiddies.
Pool days with babies Isaiah, Mason and Jason!
Cappy and GranDebbie are coming to visit in Lakeland.
Uncle Dave and Aunt Krissy are coming to visit in Lakeland.
Christmas in July (TBA style)
Lawrence Family vacation to Cape San Blas with Cappy, GranDebbie AND Uncle Bubba.
Jonny Diaz concert.
Hillsong United concert.
Mason's 1st Birthday party!
We almost took a student last year but I was oh so pregnant and oh so tired. What a great experience this will be for us. Mike is hoping that he specializes in French cuisine. hahaha
I hope with all these summer festivities I can keep up with a baby and blog but I promise to do my best! HAPPY SUMMER FOLKS!

Stephanie's Little Peanut!

This weekend we celebrated the upcoming birth of baby Carson Lewis! Carson will be the newest addition to our growing small group family. I cannot wait to meet his cute little self. Jen, Meg and myself put together a "little peanut" celebration for Momma Steph and showered her with food, love and goodies! Here are some pictures of the festivities.

The monkey canvass I did for Carson's nursery.