Saturday, November 19, 2011

Green Meadows Farm

Boy oh boy has our family of three been busy the last few months. I can't remember the last time just the three of us went out on an adventure. I love doing new things with Isaiah. He is so full of life and watching him grow and learn makes my heart smile! After a nasty stomach bug and a day of rest I decided our little family was over due for a day of fun. At 1130 Friday night, Mike and I finally decided on Green Meadows Farm. It's in Kissimmee, just south of Disney. A lot of times I find that things really aren't quite geared for Isaiah yet, but this was PERFECT! GMF is a petting zoo but throughout the property are some AMAZING vintage tractors, trucks, wagons and fire trucks. They are on a constant rotation with tour guides and you just hop in and make the rounds until you get back where you started. The animals are so gentle and I guess they are totally used to being yanked and pulled at. Let's just say that Isaiah doesn't understand the "gentle" thing yet. WOW! We got to milk a cow, chase and feed sheep, pet bunnies, chase and feed goats, waddle after ducks, CATCH chickens and roosters (this was hilarious), hold ducklings and baby chicks, ride a pony (Isaiah was NOT a fan of this), learned some interesting facts about pigs (did you know they are one of the smartest animals, just behind chimps and dolphins), Zorses (zebra/horse breed), bulls, mini horses, tortoises and quite a few others. There was also a hay ride, train ride and some GREAT antiques to climb around on. I would highly reccomend this outing for anyone looking for something fun to do. There were kids there of all ages. I even buddied up with a little kindergartener (he was a do I miss teaching some days. The teacher in me was all over him with questions, hahaha) Here are some snap shots of our day!
The Zorse (dad was a zebra, mom was a horse). Had it been the opposite he would have been a Hebra!

Petting, chasing, feeding and trying to KISS the sheep! Daddy was a little germed out by that one! hahaha

Baby chicks and ducklings. They were so furry and cute and sweet. I kind of wanted to bring one home. Isaiah went in for the kill at first, but he really did start to understand being "easy" with them.

Rooster/chicken Chase!

Turkey Run! Time to catch Thursday night's dinner!

Petting the cow and helping Daddy milk the cow! (sidenote, we went through LOTS of hand sanitizer. Isaiah's hand permanently lives in his mouth. I TRY not to give him his paci during the day but today was an exception. His hands were so stinky. LOL)

Feeding the goats!

Big Green Tractor....John Deere style!

A little red tractor fun!

This truck is my absolute favorite! I don't know why I am so drawn to it, but it's amazing! (and yes, we dressed isaiah in overalls just for the trip to the farm)

What little boy doesn't love a good fire truck? It's like a giant jungle gym. Maybe I should ask santa to put one in our back yard. hahaha

What a fantastic day of memory making. A great breakfast with the Lewis' at Cozy Oats, hours of fun at Green Meadow Farms, and a Bama win (along with some pretty important losses!) ROLL TIDE YALL!

Friday, November 18, 2011


If you haven't heard me say it before: I LOVE BETH CARTER! She has been photographing our family now for a year! Not only is she an amazing photographer but she has become a great friend, too. She surprises me EVERY time we have a shoot. I walked away from Isaiah's one year shoot wondering how in the world she could have captured any good shots. Isaiah was all over the place! He was having a blast running around like a wild child. Trying to get him still, looking the right direction without his hands in his mouth, not being pinned down by one of us, and smiling....all at the same time....I just knew it wouldn't happen. Once again, she got all the right shots! PERFECT! And it wasn't just one or two. We had SO many to pick from. It always makes the job of choosing SO difficult. Here are some of our favorites! ENJOY!
Here are our family pictures. I just think they are so precious and so perfect!

We have had Isaiah photgraphed in this Bama hat since he was born! I just love it! His head is almost too big for it now. Thanks Matt and Mary, we have really enjoyed this little hat!

I found this little smash cake outfit on ETSY! He sported it at his birthday party, but you know I had to get the pro in on it, too! It has now been added to Beth's collection so if your one year old needs some photos and you love this outfit, give her a shout!

I have been waiting for these pictures since I was pregnant. I know it sounds funny but I had a certain place in my dining room I wanted them to go. They are just perfect and I have hung one in what used to be my dining room, but is now a play room! hahahaha!

If you are looking for a FABULOUS photographer in the Lakeland area .....BETH CARTER PHOTOGRAPHY!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

1 Year Stats

Isaiah had his one year check up today!
Weight: 22 pounds 10 ounces
Height: 31 1/4 inches (doctor is predicting he will be tall and thin)
Up to date on all shots and got his flu shot booster :(
Motor skills: a little more developed than most his age (isaiah runs through the house and climbs on everything. he isn't afraid of anything! he goes down slides head first. hahaha. began to eat with a spoon this week. pincer grasp when eating food. puts objects in and out of buckets. turns pages in a book. drinks from a straw. )
Language skills: right where he should be (dada, mama, baba, bubba, jason, uh oh, this, all done, juice, eat, he also mimics our pitch and any sounds we make. my favorite sounds are his monster roar, fish face and sheep sound)
Favorite Book: "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?"
Favorite Song: "The Itsy Bitsy Spider"
Favorite thing to do: ANYTHING outside! I have never seen a child that loves to be outside more than Isaiah. I am so glad the weather has cooled down some. He loves the park!
Favorite Toy: he doesn't really have anything that goes everywhere with us, but he LOVES his slide and ball pit and his leap frog drum.
Favorite Foods: green beans, chicken nuggets, apple sauce, brocolli and potatos
Best Friends: Jason and Mason

Party at my Crib!

Here are some pictures of everyone that came out to celebrate Isaiah's FIRST birthday with us. We had a great time and Isaiah is so blessed to have these wonderful people in his life. What a great day it was.
Isaiah had a little pre-party fun in the bounce house before everyone arrived.

Our sweet birthday boy!

Isaiah's bounce house buddies!

Just hangin' out!

Time for presents!

Blow out the candles and have a cupcake!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who made this day so memorable!
~thanks to Steph for being my camera lady! love ya girl!