Thursday, April 24, 2014

Three month stats

Weight:  13lbs 8oz
Length:  22 1/2 inches
Eating: 5-6 ounces every three hours
Likes:  talking to mommy, daddy and Isaiah, singing songs, exploring new toys, baths and playing on your play gym. 
Dislikes:  brother making loud noises
Sleeping:  you are now awake most of the morning and that is when you are your happiest. You nap about three hours in the afternoon and one hour in the early evening. You are still going to bed around 1030 when we do but I am trying to change that (you aren't having it right now. I guess you want mommy and daddy to yourself for a little while each day). You still get up at 330am to eat and then sleep until about 8am. 
Things you are doing:  sucking your thumb, grabbing toys and pulling them to your mouth, smiling when you hear my voice, putting weight on your legs, making new sounds, spit bubbles (hahaha) and pushing up a little during tummy time. 
I love your happy little personality in the mornings and you are so tolerant of your big brother who loves to crawl all over you. You are quite the fuss bucket at night (from about 830 to 1030) so could you work on that please?  Ha!  Love you. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weeks 13-16

Week 13:  
Looks like we have a thumb sucker!
Such a cutie in this little outfit. 
Week 14:
You gave me your first little laugh this week. Melt. My. Heart. And you will nap anywhere. Having a little siesta on the patio is good for everyone. 
We are gonna give baby wearing a shot. 
Super heroes make great big brothers!
Bonfires and babies
Week 15:
Looking like your Mommy
First ride on the swing!  I swear you don't wear this outfit everyday. Hahaha
Week 16:
Play time with brother
Nap time at the park
Pretty sure you are in the beginning stages of teething. First sleepless night in over ten weeks, lots of drool, cuddles and crying. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

WIngo Wabbit EGGstravaganza

I loved this day! Such a fun time with amazing friends. I love watching these kids play and I love these women that I do life with. The weather was perfect and we couldn't have asked for a better day. Thank you Wingo family for hosting this awesome event again.

I love how Ella is holding Laura Claire in this pic. Ha!
Ready. Set. Go!  
Reese just wanted to eat her candy. And how can you say no to a girl that cute?

Huddy Buddy

The babes. 
2's (melt my heart)
3's and 4's

5 and ups!
I. Love. This. Girl. She is always making me laugh. Such personality. 
The three amigos. 
I love their friendship. So special and sweet. 


We spent Easter morning at home as a family of four. It was very nice and low key! Isaiah looked through his Easter basket and hunted eggs while Isabella gulped down a bottle. Then we showed her her goodies and Isaiah read her a book. We went to church at 11, then had lunch on the patio at Mi Pueblo, headed home to wash cars and spent a little time with Gigi. Such a relaxing day remembering why we celebrate this day. I loved hearing Isaiah say "He is back, He is back, Jesus is not dead". So sweet!


Here are the lyrics to the song that has really moved me this Easter! Man of sorrows Lamb of God By His own betrayed The sin of man and wrath of God Has been on Jesus laid Silent as He stood accused Beaten mocked and scorned Bowing to the Father's will He took a crown of thorns Oh that rugged cross My salvation Where Your love poured out over me Now my soul cries out Hallelujah Praise and honour unto Thee Sent of heaven God's own Son To purchase and redeem And reconcile the very ones Who nailed Him to that tree Now my debt is paid It is paid in full By the precious blood That my Jesus spilled Now the curse of sin Has no hold on me Whom the Son sets free Oh is free indeed See the stone is rolled away Behold the empty tomb Hallelujah God be praised He's risen from the grave