Monday, April 30, 2012

18 Months!

Happy half birthday to our little guy! Today Isaiah is 18 months old. We had to drive "all the way to the north side" to run some errands that turned out to be a total bust so we decided to call Mike and have him meet us at Chuck E Cheese to celebrate. We had some yummy pizza and Isaiah rode a few rides. He wasn't a big fan of the cars that bumped and moved around but we did find a little boat that had animals in it. You push the buttons and the animals are named then make their noises. He loved it. Here are some more words (added to the words he was already saying at 15 months, see february post "he said what") that our little guy runs around saying all day! Roll tide roll (start em young, raise em right. Every time he sees the bama logo he gives us a big RTR....LOVE IT!) , offee (coffee), poo (pool), poop, potty (no he is not potty training but I did buy him a seat to start practice sitting on today), aweeee (Ali),
oeeee (zoe), ewwwww, nacky (nasty and yucky combined hahahaha), hey, pawpaw, cappy, chicken, bwocci (broccoli), TT (candy), shirt, shorts, (names and identifys the following boby parts) head, nose, mouth, teeth, ears, eyes, feet, weinie, and pipples (nipples), Go Go (when he sees Diego), sisaur (dinosaur), duck, ride, slide,
swing, jump, park, play, phone, cheese (for the food and when he sees me taking a picture), chip, ice, hot, cold, water, tree, bird, monkey, efunt (elephant), Isaiah, cat, car,
beep beep, cup, book, away (when it's time to clean up WHICH HE HELPS ME DO NOW...hallelujiah), wipe, help, tv, bat, ball, hit, bye bye,
dance (when he wants me to turn the music on) and so many more. His vocabulary is well over 100 words and growing. He is weighing in at 24 pounds and stands at about 32 inches.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sea World

Thanks to Gigi and Pawpaw Pete (and the gift that keeps on giving) our family of three spent another fun filled day at Sea World. Every time we go we find something new. I love the time that we spend there together and Isaiah LOVES the animals. He is learning so much. On this trip we found the aquarium. I really don't know how we missed it in the past, but it's great to have little surprises. We spent quite a bit of time in there looking at fish, sting rays, an octopus, seahorses, and lots of other marine life. Mike's favorite thing to always do is go through the shark exhibit. Mine is the Shamu show. They are always changing the show up, but I could watch the same one over and over. Those whales fascinate me. The sea lion and otter show was also quite humorous this trip. The animals were having an "off" day and the cast was SO funny as they tried to keep the show on track. You can really tell how much these trainers love their "friends". Can't wait to go back for Mother's Day! I hear a new exhibit is opening!

Worn Out!

Thanks Gigi and Pawpaw Pete. We can't wait for you to come visit so we can explore Sea World together! Love you!

Cappy, GranDebbie and Chubs came to Town!

Isaiah got to spend five days loving on his GP's and their grand-dog, "Chubs". Cappy and GranDebbie adopted Chubs when Uncle Bubba joined the Army. I don't know who loves that dog more? Bubba, mom, dad or Isaiah? Who knew such a squishy faced dog could bring so much joy to life? We had a great time visiting and thanks to facetime, Isaiah took right up with his GP's. As soon as they walked in the door he was giving out free hugs and kisses. So sweet. He loved following Cappy around the yard each day and getting sweet hugs from GranDebbie. We stayed super busy and made some great memories. Of course, silly me, didn't spend much time behind the camera. I did snap these pics before they left.
14 snapshots later....



We are so looking forward to spending NINE whole days with C and G this summer while we visit their log cabin in Arkansas. Isaiah is in for some great fun! Love you bunches mom and dad. Thanks for making Easter and my birthday so special.


Wow! April arrived and we hit the ground running. Easter weekend was a wonderful treat for our family. On Friday night we celebrated Good Friday with our dear friends the Stiversons and Blichers. It was Mike's idea to get our old small group together and remember what that night was really about. Good Friday is so good because of what happened three days later but can you imagine what that night was like for the disciples and Mary? They sat at a table and took communion with Jesus for the last time. He told them that one of them would betray Him and have Him arrested. He spoke to others about how they would deny Him. He promised them that He would come back from the dead. Then it all happened. Just the way He said. He was crucified, put to death through extreme torture. Pain He endured for the disciples, Mary, you, me....the whole world! Mike served us communion and read the story of the crucixion. We prayed together and then enjoyed a meal together. I hope this is a tradition we continue. Easter wouldn't be Easter if Good Friday never happened.

Easter morning we were so blessed to have Cappy, GranDebbie and Chubs with us. We enjoyed watching Isaiah explore his Easter basket, hunted for eggs in the backyard, attended church and shared an amazing lunch together. I wasn't really sure if Isaiah would enjoy hunting for eggs or not but he really caught on fast and had a ball finding all of his eggs in the yard. He even joined in the fun a second time at church. Silly me did not remember to take one family picture. Really??!! Our service was about how all of our scars tell a story. It was so moving. Mike was asked to help serve communion on Sunday morning and he got to serve it to my parents. I thought that was super cool and my Dad even said that was his favorite part of the day. Definitly a memory I will keep close to my heart.
Isaiah and the Easter Basket!

A Hunting we will Go!

Church Egg Hunt

Every day with Isaiah I am reminded even more of God's love for me. Even though I cannot fathom how much He loves me, I know how much I love Isaiah. I would do anything for him. I will always love him and always be his biggest cheerleader. There is no greater love than the love you have for a child. I am a child of God and that's why He sent His son to die on the cross and take away my sin. He would do anything to keep me living in eternity with Him!