Monday, November 11, 2013

29 weeks

This pregnancy is going by so fast. We are down to the last ten weeks. Crazy!  I am getting super excited about Isabella's shower that some of my super sweet and special girlfriends are hostessing together. 
This past weekend was our last free weekend until after Christmas (which kind of gives me anxiety just thinking about it) so my awesome parents volunteered to spend the weekend with Isaiah while we got things done for the baby. I cleaned out and organized two closets, got all baby things down from attic and reassembled them and washed them, washed two loads of baby clothes (forgot how much I love the smell of baby detergent), moved Isaiah's dresser to the nursery and brought in his new big boy dresser (thank you for your help David) and my amazing hubby painted the nursery. He still has to finish up some trim work but I just love the color we chose. 

I can't wait to get the finishing touches together and share the final product. 


Halloween this year was so much fun. Isaiah got to pick out his own Halloween costume. Hulk Smash!
It rained a lot that day but luckily it cleared out just in time to head over to the Harrison's for pizza, treats and friends. Isaiah loved running from house to house with all the big kids. He was a pro. 
Afterwards we headed home with a full bucket of candy. Our neighborhood had just gotten cranked up and Isaiah was ready for round two. I stayed back to pass out candy and Isaiah went out with mike only to return with a second full bucket of candy. Yum!
Trick or treat y'all!

Monday, November 4, 2013


So I first have to begin with a confession: Yesterday we cheated on High Point and visited at Harvest church. Harvest is led by Kennon Vaughn. Kennon is a super passionate guy and he also heads up Downline Ministry in Memphis. What a treat it was to hear him speak and share his heart on missions. Thanks so much for the invite, Natalie! "If God answered ALL of your prayers TODAY how would the WORLD be a better place and radically changed for CHRIST?" This was a question he challenged us with. It definitely struck a chord with me when he said it but I have spent some time reflecting on it more this morning. We live in a culture that is very self centered and self driven. We grow up with access to so many "extras" in life. Most of us in America don't know what it is like to truly have NEEDS that are not met (shelter, clothing, medical care, food). More importantly we are free to worship and serve our God with NO persecution. (And I don't mean the judgements of others around you, I mean toss you in jail and throw away the key for worshipping God kind of persecution.) Whether you are a believer or a non-believer you are lucky enough to be able to voice that freely in our country. I am so thankful that I can go anywhere to worship and praise my God for all the things He has done for me and all the ways I see him moving and working in our broken world. I worked in my journal this morning and quickly realized that if all of MY prayers were answered in one swoop only a small percentage of people would receive the blessing. My prayers are so narrow and so focused on the world I live in. The new testament tells us to "go and make disciples of ALL nations". I'm not even focused on my nation (unless there is the nation of Jenny hahahahaha). My answered prayers would affect my family, my community, my friends and loved ones that I pray for, myself, and my future daughter/son in laws. Kennon spoke a lot about global missions and I will be honest with you, I don't think we are all called to pack our bags right now and go share the Word in a nation where most have never heard about Christ. I think that we are all called to serve in different places, at different capacities at different times and stages of life. However we can all serve a global mission just by praying. There is so much power in prayer and you can do it from anywhere. Here are two websites he shared to help with global prayers: and How would your prayers change the world?