Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Super heroes and ER's

Isaiah had his first trip to the ER. Mike and I went to dinner with some friends on Wednesday night. While we were gone our little monkey decided to climb Isabella's dresser (something he has been warned several times not to do). He stepped on the first crystal knob to make his climb and it broke, slicing in to his toe. He was asleep when we got home and I was under the impression it was just a small cut so I didn't check it out. The next morning there were lots of tears and when I went to check under the band aid I immediately knew we were headed to the ER. Unfortunately too much time had passed and although he needed 2-4 stitches the skin was already dead and it was no longer an option. Isaiah was a super hero as he helped our sweet nurse clean his toe out. He had fun helping her and her little tricks have helped me be much more successful with cleanings and dressings at home. We are waiting for the dead part to fall off and he is on an antibiotic to prevent infection. The biggest bummer has been no swimming for two weeks. If you know us at all you know we swim almost every day. 
We don't want Isaiah walking in the middle of the night (his toe is still bleeding and we leave it in bandaged to air out at night) so we set up an air mattress for him in our room. He loves it. 
Mommy's make shift cast so Isaiah could spend some time with his friends on the 4th of July. 
No swimming?  No problem!  Dad's got this under control.
We have been finding other fun things to do. A trip to the zoo, video games and hot wheels tracks have offered up some great entertainment. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Weeks 21-24

Week 21
You loved trying oatmeal for the first time. 
And you got pink eye!
Snoozing poolside 
Week 22
Mommy went consignment shopping!
iPad time on a rainy morning 
This is all it takes for a trip to the pool 
Week 23
Sitting up all by yourself. 
First 4th of July. Fireworks with Daddy. 
Family zoo day. 
Week 24
Laura Claire turned 1!  Fun with LC and Mabry
Snoozing with mommy before daddy and I left for a week to go to Mexico!  Cappy and Ebbie took great care of you.