Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Isaiah had a great time with Christmas this year. He did a great job learning about the birth of Jesus and we talked lots about why we celebrate the day. Santa brought him three gifts to remind him of the three gifts the wise men brought to Jesus. This will be a tradition that Santa will continue. 
Isaiah was very loved on by all of our family. He is one lucky little boy. 
Cousin Layla came to celebrate. He sure loves her. 
Isaiah got new rescue bots, a rocket launcher, books, jeans, a nativity scene, a big wheel, toy tractor, night light and a balance bike from mikes family. 
Christmas Eve he opened some new clothes, carharts to match cappy and daddy, some bath time gear and a work bench with tools from my family. 
He was so excited on Christmas morning!  He ran down stairs and could barely contain himself from busting through the doors. Santa brought a train table with train, hot wheels race track and a rescue bots video game system.
Mike and I decided to each give a gift that we could use with Isaiah. I got him Gator golf so we could have something fun to do while it's too cold to take Isabella out. 
Mike got him a new nerf gun that will shoot out 18 bullets before having to reload. 
And no Christmas is complete without a little stocking action! 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Zoo Lights

This year we went to zoo lights with our best buds, the Millers. Isaiah and Hudson had not seen each other in almost two weeks so to say they were excited would be an understatement. It was so great to get out with some other grown ups and enjoy our kids together. 
It was so cold, like 28 degrees cold, but we bundled up and the lights were so pretty. 
Isaiah got to pet a reptile from the iguana family. Now he says he wants one. Sorry son!
Free carousel rides!
He loved it. 
The Miller fam
Dancing and playing with frosty and Rudolph. He would not pose for a pic though. He is still too scared to get too close. Baby steps. Hahaha
This was the best pic I could get of Isaiah and his huddy buddy!  Those two do not sit still!  At one point we stopped at the lodge to warm up and potty break. We found a table and the two of them chased each other, wrestled and rolled on the floor the entire time. It's just how boys have fun I guess. 
Family photo