Friday, August 5, 2011

Isaiah's BFF

Isaiah's BFF is turning 1! I cannot believe a whole year has gone by since we welcomed little Jason Stiverson into this world and our small group family. It has really gone by fast. Jen (jason's mom) was prego when I met her and a few short weeks later I was as well. We were both extatic when we found out we were BOTH HAVING BOYS! We pre-arranged their BFF'dness and they will just have to accept it! HA! We celebrated Jason's first birthday this past weekend with his family and our small group family. I love that we all love each other like family. It really makes living 800 miles from our family so much easier. I must say it was a little bitter-sweet to welcome the beginning of Jason't 2nd year. They really do grow up fast. Jen kindly reminded me as we left that we will be celebrating another 1 year old's birthday in ten short weeks! (tear) This mommy is not quite ready for that. But I am ready to see all the amazing memories Jason and Isaiah are going to make over the next year being BFF's (hehehehe). I also look forward to all the amazing things God is going to do in each of their lives. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON! WE LOVE YOU!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hoot's First Vacation

I am so excited about posting this blog. Last week we took our first vacation with Isaiah. I must admit, this has been my most favorite trip EVER! We LOADED down the suburban (packing with a small child could be an entire blog all on its' own) and headed to Cape San Blas, Florida. CSB is located in the panhandle near Appalachicola. This quiet little beach town is a true treasure. The beaches are pet friendly, there are no high rises and only one little two lane road that runs through the whole town. There was one small market and two beach shack style restaraunts. At night you could look down the beach and see campfires lit up, the moon reflecting off the ocean and MILLIONS of stars lit up the sky. Stars beyond stars! It was beautiful. Isaiah was so happy and content (after the first night). He played hard on the beach during the day, was constantly entertained by grandparents and his uncle. Thanks to the GP's I got to spend some quiet time reading and napping on the beach. Pure relaxation. Mike, Cappy and Uncle Bubba took a half day excursion and went scalloping. They caught about three gallons, brought them home, shucked them and cooked them up for dinner. Would you believe we only got dressed up and went out to eat ONE time! The rest of the trip we lived in swimsuits and pjs. We cooked all of our meals and it was just fabulous. Spending a day on the beach with a 9 month old and then trying to get 5 adults plus one babe showered and out the door for dinner every night and back by bed time did not sound relaxing to any of us. Our three story condo was right on the beach tucked behind a rolling sand dune. Mike and I could lay on our bed, look at the window and see nothing but miles of beach and an endless ocean.

Here is the view from our bedroom. PERFECTION!

Isaiah loved playing on the beach!

We all love a good nap on the beach!

Family Outing (Appalachicola)

One afternoon we got caught in a down pour. It was so fun to dance in the rain! Isaiah loved it!

CampFire on the beach....roll tide!

Some of my favorite shots from the week.....

Peeps on the beach!

Now we couldn't have a true Lawrence Family vacation without a little drama so I will fill you in on the events of the last day. As I was walking down the boardwalk steps after a perfect afternoon on the beach I stepped DOWN on to a NAIL! Right through the foot! Thanks to my hubby for helping me not pass out and thanks to my army bro for doctoring my wound! YOWZA! If that wasn't enough, on our drive home we had a blow out on the interstate in the middle of nowhere at almost midnight! All I could do was laugh.

Thank you Cappy and GranDebbie for making this trip possible. It was an amazing time and memory we will treasure forever. Thank you Uncle Bubba for coming out to join us. We are so proud of you!

On a side note, here are some of the words our little 9 month old is saying:
1st word "Dada" (daddy)
2nd word "Baba" (bottle)
3rd word "Mama" (Mommy)
4th and newest word "Bubba" .... that's right folks, Isaiah loves his Uncle Bubba!