Monday, January 26, 2015

Isabella's First Birthday

So you literally spent your first birthday in the ER after a minor complication from your tubes and adenoids surgery the day before. No stopping us though. We still got family together to celebrate your precious life on the 25th (one day after your birthday, ER trip and two days after surgery) I could not have pulled off the sweet decorations without the help of Ashley. She always comes to the rescue.
I was so tired I let Isaiah dress himself and I don't even think I realized what he had on until I looked at the pictures. hahaha
Time for some yummy smash cake! Strawberry cake from Miss Muffin (same as our wedding cake).
Bath time, kitchen sink style!
Cousin Lovin'
You would never know by your sweet smiles that you had been through the ringer the last few days/months! Here's to a happy and HEALTHY second year. You are so loved IJ!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Weeks 49-52

Week 49
Still under the weather but flashing that gorgeous smile when you feel up to it. 
Your big brother sure loves you. 
Week 50
Not a great week. A chest x ray revealed bronchitis and an air pocket in your lungs. Surgery for tubes in and adenoids out has been put on hold. 
Sweet snuggles. 
Week 51
Steroids have brought a little life and a lot of appetite back!
Keeping it indoors to hide from the germs   Isaiah has been a great entertainer.
Week 52
Chest x ray #2 says lungs are all clear. 
Didn't stop you from spiking a 104 fever. 
Still had surgery
Then celebrated your first birthday in the ER thanks to a possible asthma attack.
Wow!  52 full weeks filled with your sweet smile and amazing attitude. You have been such a blessing and I am so thankful for a year filled with snuggles and smiles. You really do smile through it all. It warms my heart. I love you so much sweet girl. So looking forward to year 2!