Tuesday, August 26, 2014

7 month stats

Weight: 18lbs 4oz
Eating:  you are drinking around 24 oz of formula a day and eating all kinds of yummy foods (bananas, apples, peaches, pears, peas, beans, squash, carrots, etc)
Likes:  playing with and exploring new toys (especially ones that have buttons). You love to push the button and see what happens. You are in LOVE with your big brother. He can almost always make you smile and laugh. You also love to cuddle with me when you are ready to go to sleep (here's a secret, I like it too). 
Dislikes:  being left alone in a room
Sleeping:  around 730 each night we start your bath and bedtime routine. After a warm splashy bath you get a mini massage with lotion and some cuddle time in your rocking chair. I put you down (awake most times) around 8 and you are out by 815. You usually wake up within an hour and fuss yourself back to sleep in about 10 mins. Then you sleep until about 430am when you wake for a bottle then back to sleep until 8am. You are also sleeping on your belly now. 
Things you are doing:  10 days before hitting the seven month mark you started army crawling. To be honest, I cried!  You have been the best baby and I feel like it is going by way too fast. You also started using sign language for "all done" and you verbally say "baba" when you want to eat. I guess that's your first word. Your newest trick is a very high pitched scream when you want to get someone's attention (if I'm being honest this is not one of my favorite tricks you do hahahaha). You are starting to pull up on things so I'm sure you will be cruising soon. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Weeks 29-32

Week 29
Even with a cold you are still (mostly) all smiles (sleep has been a little rough this week but who can blame ya?)
This is your preferred method of sleeping while under the weather. 
Your daddy is so silly. Babe in a bag. 
Week 30
Happy 1st birthday Mabry!
You got your first ear infection (and the croup) this week. This is how we got things done since you just wanted to be held. You are the happiest sick baby I've ever seen. 
Roll tide!  Watching your first Bama game. 
Week 31
Celebrating Labor Day with family. 
Week 32
You took your first trip to Birmingham to meet your great grandmother, Memaw. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weeks 25-28

Week 25
Practicing with a sippy cup
Found Isaiah reading to you this morning
Week 26
Uncle Mike is head over heels for you
Bryce came to visit
Play and picnic with Laura Claire
Zoo day with friends and family
Week 27
6 month check up
Week 28
I hope he always loves you this much. 
Watching "frozen" with brother 
Play time while mommy cooks dinner

Monday, August 4, 2014

Six month stats

Weight: 17 lbs 11oz
Length: 27 inches
Eating:  you are drinking around 24 oz of formula a day and we have added so many new foods. Oatmeal, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, applesauce and bananas are what we have started with and you have done great with them all. You have also started practicing drinking water from a sippy cup. 
Likes:  being talked to and read to, standing up while holding my fingers, sitting up and playing with your toys, bath time
Dislikes:  tummy time
Sleeping:  daddy and into plan trip and were gone for a week cappy and Ebbie said you slept great and stuck to your schedule but when we got back you let us know you were not happy with our absence. Hahahaha. You would NOT let me put you down to sleep. We had a pretty rough ten day patch of you waking up every hour if you weren't being held. After ten days we had a little baby boot camp. You moved from your bassinet in our room to your crib in your room. The first night came with lots of tears but by night two you made great progress. By night three we were back on track. I feed you and put you down between 845 and 9pm. You sleep until 545 or 6, take a bottle and sleep until 9am. Rock star!  You are now doing 1-2 short naps in the morn/early afternoon and a 3 hour nap from 3-6pm. 
Things you are doing:  you just go with the flow and are so pleasant and content everywhere we go. You are sitting up very well by yourself now, picking things up and pulling them to your mouth, practicing with a sippy cup, rolling over both ways more frequently and taking interest in seeing how new toys work. 
*everywhere we go people comment on how pretty you are and how happy you are.