Saturday, March 29, 2014

Weeks 9-12

9 weeks:  
You love looking in mirrors!
Sweet snuggles are still my favorite. 
It's so hard to get the camera quick enough when you smile but I almost caught one. 

10 weeks:
Able to sit up in the bumbo by yourself. You are so strong and growing too fast. 
Sporting your heart shirt for Cappy when he had his heart surgery. 
Mamma said knock you out. Hahaha. You look like a little boxer. 
Your brother sure loves you. 
Visiting cappy in the hospital. He sure loves you and you are perfect therapy for him. 
11 weeks:
Happy baby girl!
Laid back
This will never get old. Xoxo
Play time 
Pretty girl!
12 weeks:
Hippity hoppity Easter's on its' way. 
Using your hands to put things in your mouth and to play. 
First friends: Laura Claire and Mabry 
Good Friday

Monday, March 24, 2014

Two Month Stats

Weight:  10 lbs 14 oz
Height:  22 1/2 inches
Eating: 4 ounces every 3 hours 
Likes: swaddles, baths, snuggles, car rides, sleeping, swinging, singing, clapping hands, looking in the mirror
Dislikes: changing clothes or diapers and pooping
Sleeping: you are still a great sleeper but I can tell you are trying to stay awake more during the day. In the mornings you stay awake about two hours and the rest of the day you are up about an hour and a half a time. You take your last feeding at 10:30 and sleep until 3:30am then Until 7am. After that we snuggle until 8 or 9!  I love it. 
Outings: Shelby farms, Ramsey and Reese's birthday party, bayou bar and grill for a little patio action, cousin Layla's house, the jewelry store, Sunday school, church, Gigi's and daddy's work
What are you doing?  You have great head control and your pediatrician says you are super strong and ahead of most two month olds with your motor skills. You are smiling, cooing, babbling, hitting at things, tracking me with your eyes and you have rolled over front to back. Very impressive little miss!
I love you, Isabella!  You really are a sweet baby and I have truly enjoyed our first two months. You are so laid back you just go with the flow. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The boy who makes me smile!

3-22-14:  "mommy, do not disturb me. You must bow down to me when you speak!"

4-3-14:  "mommy, it's eight tenny. The sun is up. Waked up."
4-9-14:  I took Isaiah to super cuts for a haircut and when he sat in the chair they brought him a kid sized cape to wear. His response "mommy I love super hero cuts!"
4-26-14:  "Jesus died on the cross for me. A-wa-men (his way of saying amen)".
5-21-14:  "mommy, I am batman and you are baskin robins". I think you mean Robin, Isaiah. "Nope his name is baskin robins".  

5-22-14:  Isaiah is in swim lessons this week. I got to watch him for a few minutes and I told him he was like a little fish in the water. "No, I'm like a big shark in the water."  I stand corrected!
5-29-14:  Isaiah woke up coughing and sneezing the morning. 
Mommy: "wow buddy are you sick?"
Isaiah:  "no mommy. I cough and sneeze because i have the energies."  
Mommy: "oh yea allergies can be the worst."  
Isaiah: " no not allergies just energies."

6-7-14:  me: Isaiah did you just toot?
Isaiah:  no mommy, I whistled out my butt!
6-19-14: Isaiah got out of the pool today "mommy I am so cold I'm shaking like maracas"

8-14-14: me "Isaiah how did you get so cute?"  Isaiah "because mommy, Jesus made me so cute". 
This summer we bought a new car (minivan). This is a huge leap for us as my truck was almost 20 years old. Isaiah is so impressed with this van. He lovingly refers to it as "our magic car" and he shows it off to everyone. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weeks 5-8

5 weeks:  this has been a super rough week for you sweet girl. Your tummy is so upset and you really do not like to eat. We are both very tired. 
6 weeks:  after 18 hours of straight tears and some blood in your stool, we finally determined you are allergic to milk!  You are on soy now and it has totally changed our lives. My happy girl is back. You even flashed your first smile at us this week!  
(Isaiah, cousin Layla and Isabella)
7 weeks:  you are still just rocking along. You have found your hands and feet this week and you love when we sing "if you're happy and you know it". When I help you clap your hands you smile so big. You love to lay on your changing pad and gaze at your blingy mirror, too!
(You finally let Ebbie give you a bottle. It was a kodak moment!)
(Big brother wanted in on the action too. Such a great helper!)
8 weeks:  I can't believe it has been 8 weeks since you were born. You are such a good baby and I love listening to you babble and coo in the mornings!  We have our own little conversations every day. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Break Fun

Monday:  we spent the day at the zoo with friends and had a picnic. Such a fun and warm day. Welcome spring!  Oh how we have missed you. 
Mike treated Isaiah to some ice cream at TCBY. 

Tuesday:  more fun with friends at Cameron brown park. 
Followed up with a Wingo bonfire. Complete with hot dogs and s'mores. 
Wednesday:  we hung around the house so mommy could get caught up on laundry. Ebbie came to play and at dinner time mommy snuck out for sushi with girlfriends. It was a nice, lazy day. 
Thursday:  we spent the morning at Kids Play with friends then headed home for some mommy and Isaiah quality time. We cuddled, worked a Dino puzzle, played soccer, bounced, rode four wheelers, dressed up like Hulk and had a visit from Cappy and Ebbie. 
Friday:  we slept in until 10. It was amazing!  Buzz Lightyear made a special appearance at Target and then made special deliveries to pawpaw D, nana, uncle Dave and Gigi at their work. 
Saturday:  we had a picnic and some play time at Shelby farms park. 

What a fun week!  Happy spring break y'all!