Monday, March 18, 2013

Children's Museum

Gigi and Pawpaw Pete gave Isaiah (and his cabin fevered mommy) a special treat! A season pass to the Children's Museum of Memphis (CMOM). The winter here is so nasty. Cold, dreary and rainy most days. These Florida birds were not used to being stuck inside so much and this has been the perfect escape for us. Our first trip was on a weekend so Daddy could join in on the fun. What a great and safe place for kids to learn, explore and have fun. Exploring the world of aviation! Fed Ex provided this plane and I hear that the planes haven't changed much. Can you imagine having to know what all those little switches are for. I would crash for sure. This little river is full of entertainment. It was Isaiah's favorite place to play. Along with splashing in the water they have tiny fishing poles you can catch with, walls to build up dams and see the effects of that and nets for scooping. We went back here several times and every time we go now it is the first place he runs to. The grocery store was always my favorite when I was little. They have miniature carts and shelves stocked with food. You get to check yourself out and play with the cash register and grocery scanner. SO FUN! (yes, I still enjoy it) The dress up room is full of fun costumes and has a green screen. The room plays music and you can watch yourself on TV as you transform into a "dancing superhero" or "Mike the Knight" (Isaiah's choice for that day). What little boy doesn't love fire trucks and motorcycles? This was Mike's favorite attraction. I'm pretty sure he wants to build a rock climbing wall in Isaiah's room now. Thanks you Gigi and Pawpaw Pete for the gift that keeps on giving (and for helping to keep my house clean on the yucky days we can't get outside)!