Thursday, April 4, 2013


Easter morning we woke up and got ready for church. When we got downstairs Isaiah was pleasantly surprised to find his basket filled with some goodies. The Easter Bunny heard he was going to start playing soccer this weekend so he hooked Isaiah up with a new ball, some socks and shin guards. He is ready to go now! After Easter service at church we headed home and got ready for the family to come over. What a great time of fellowship we had with Pawpaw D, Nana, Gigi, Pawpaw Pete, Uncle Dave and Aunt Krissy. We had a yummy lunch and watched Isaiah hunt for eggs. The Easter Bunny even filled some of his eggs with MONEY! You can see in his face which one it was. He loves getting coins and adding them to his piggy bank.

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday morning our neighborhood put on an Easter Egg Hunt. I love all the fun things our neighborhood puts on for families to get out and get to know one another. Mike and I have never lived in a neighborhood like that before and it really reminds me of growing up. We are definitely looking forward to some warmer weather so we can get out socialize some more with our wonderful neighbors. God really guided us to the perfect place for us. Check out all these kiddos that came out to hunt in the cold rain!

Wingo Wabbit Easter Eggstravaganza

I was so excited that I was going to be around for the yearly Wingo egg hunt this year. On Good Friday it rained all day and the email came through that the hunt was cancelled. I was so bummed. Luckily a few of us decided to get together and do an egg hunt inside if the weather did not permit. Imagine our surprise when it stopped raining just in time to let the kids run wild in the mud outside. Unfortunately Natalie couldn't undo the cancellation for the masses but we sure were glad we got to have a Mini Wingo Wabbit Egg Hunt! Isaiah was so funny looking for eggs. He didn't care how many he got. He would find an egg, open it, explore its' contents and then decide if he wanted to keep it or not. If he liked what he saw it went in the basket, if not it went back on the ground. He cracks me up! Owen was off roadin'! Isaiah got in on the fun with the big girls. They were playing Peter Pan. Ramsey was watching for Tinkerbell while Lola was on the look out for Captain Hook. Thanks Wingos for hosting such an "eggcellent" event!

Flashbacks, Friends and Fun

In March we worked in a little play date to celebrate Natalie's spring break! It was such a fun day. We visited the park in the neighborhood Natalie and I grew up in. We lived two doors down from each other and were neighbors for 20+ years. I have so enjoyed being back in Memphis and watching Isaiah make some memories with the Stiles and Wingo kids. It brings back so many memories of the "good ol days"!

Tater Head

Isaiah loves Toy Story and he loves his "tater heads". He loves to put them together and decorate our built in bookshelves with them. On this day he was super proud of his work and he staged them on the stairs begging me to take his picture. He even posed. This rarely happens. Meet Mister tater head and Woody tater head! I love these simple days around the house with my little buddy.

Meeting James Bryant

After four long months of waiting, we FINALLY got to meet James Bryant and spend time with Bubba and Amber. Bryant sure is a sweet baby and he is very easy going (nothing like his older cousin at that age)! I got in lots of sweet snuggle time. Isaiah was a little jealous of all the attention but luckily my lap is big enough for both of these sweet boys. I am so happy for my little brother and really impressed with all the work he puts in to help Amber out. They are great parents and really complement each other well. Looking forward to watching "Bo and Luke Duke" grow up together (if only we could get them a little closer to Memphis)! Isaiah meeting Bryant and giving him sweet kisses. Good thing Cappy has a big enough lap too. Isaiah wasn't about to let Bryant get more Cappy time than him. After a few days in Memphis we headed to Arkansas for some family time at the Roost. Amber was the winner of the weekend. She caught the biggest fish! It made for some good eatin'! Family portrait time!