Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wedding Bells and a Baby

The month of October marks so many exciting events for our family. This weekend my brother-in-law, David, is marrying his best friend! Kristen is an amazing woman and I am so excited that I can call her a sister and that Isaiah can call her an "aunt". I know that their wedding day will be perfect.
Although this is a time to celebrate I can't help but be a little sad. We were so excited to find out that we would be welcoming a new life into our family, but unfortunately it coincides with a wedding that is 800 miles away! This mommy-to-be is not allowed to fly or travel seeing as I am 3 weeks away from the big day. Daddy-to-be had fully planned on making the trip to Memphis to share in his brother's special day, but last week he got cold feet. Michael is a little worried that Isaiah may decide to make a surprise arrival and he does not want to miss that. What a tough decision! I know Michael prayed a lot about what to do and we just have to have faith he made the right choice.
It is so sad to me that I have had to miss out on such a joyous and special time in the life of my family. I have known David since he was 13. David is a man of character. He has a HUGE heart with lots of love to share with everyone. He is full of kind words and thoughtful gestures. I know he is going to make Krissy one happy girl! As they plan for their wedding weekend my heart is filled with the wonderful memories of our wedding day.
Friday night kicks off the rehersal dinner. I know they will have an amazing time. Mike's step-mom, Marianne, made our dinner SO special. She put a lot of time and planning into a night that will forever be remembered. The Italian food, wine, red and white checkered table cloths, candle light and acoustic guitar set the perfect atmosphere. The biggest surprise of the night was a very special video she made of our lives. I cherish that video and look forward to watching it with our children one day. Kristen and David, I hope your night is just as special for you....and if I know Marianne, it will be! (JUST REMEMBER A CAMERA!!!!!!!)
Saturday will be such an exciting day for them. I remember having butterflies in my stomach all day and suddenly breaking down into tears as I stood in the hallway with my Dad. Not so great timing but most women know....tears just happen. You have no control sometimes! I remember walking through the church doors and not being able to see Michael over the crowd and candles. My Dad knew I was looking for him and joked he was not there! NICE! What I remember most about that day was standing there with Michael promising to be the best wife I could be. I prayed that God would bless our marriage and carry us through the hard times. I don't think I have always been the best wife, but we are defintely blessed and HE definitely carries us through the hard times.
David and Kristen, I pray that God blesses your marriage for years and years to come. I pray that He stands beside you and holds you up through all the hard times and that you remember He is still there cheering you on in the easy times. Lean on each other and support each other, but always keep God at the center of your marriage and you will never fail. I love you both very much and know that our hearts are with you as two become one! CONGRATS!

Monday, September 27, 2010

a surprise visitor and a baby shower

The last 5 days have been quite festive for the DeAngelis crew! On Thursday, GranDebbie (Jenny's mom) popped in for a surprise visit. I was so overcome with emotions before my first shower that grandma to be had to plan a last minute trip to surprise us and attend our baby shower #2. This was a WONDERFUL surprise and really made my heart happy. Thanks, Mom, for always thinking of us and for FINALLY pulling off a surprise. We love you very much (Thanks to Cappy for funding the trip....we missed you!)

Saturday night kicked off our "Little Hoot" baby shower. The shower was hosted by some of our small groupies, Mike and Stephanie. If you haven't already heard me talk about my small group I am going to brag on them for a minute. God has really blessed us with a "family" that has become a TREMENDOUS support system and a great group of friends. Stephanie really out did herself. She made sure that Michael, Isaiah and myself felt the true love and support of church family. It is such an overwhelming feeling sometimes but sitting back and watching it all happen Saturday night I knew that we were in the right place and God had just been waiting for us. TBA church is a true picture of Christ's love in action. Thank you, Stephanie for being you! You are my prayer warrior and a true friend. I don't think I can ever say thank you enough for all you have done for me!
Isaiah was so spoiled at the shower. Here are pics of some the goodies he received.

Stephanie made the precious animal monogram for Isaiah's room.
I am also finding that more and more of my friends have special talents. Check out the hand carved owl fruit bowl Rae Lynn made. And yes, Isaiah has another special treasure! A hand made blanket from Mary Beth. Not only did she crochet a blanket she made a matching tag a long blanket for outings!

Stephanie was so creative with her rice crispie party favors and all the handmade decor. The "words of wisdom" are just precious and a gift I will treasure for ever. Cappy and GranDebbie are helping Isaiah get his swing on. I love this little swing and it is so soft. Thank you Mike and Stephanie for loving us and this little boy we will soon be welcoming! Thank you to our small group family and church family for sharing in such a special time with us.
As Steph would say:
"Doing Life Together",

Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby Shower....Take One

I feel so blessed to have such loving girls around me. Sometimes it is hard to be 800 miles from home, especially when you are celebrating such a joyous time in your life. These special ladies have loved me and been there for me so much! So let me first begin by sending a BIG thanks to Windy, Cheri and Karen. You have no idea what each of your friendships mean to me. Thanks for the shower!

As I left my house Saturday morning en route to the shower I was suddenly filled with an emotion of sadness. Hormones? Possibly! All I could think about was my wedding showers and how my mom and Mike's mom were so excited to join me for all the fun. Where were the Grandma's to be now? One was in Oklahoma and the other in Memphis. (INSERT TEARS HERE). Both sent me their love that morning via cell phone and both are always calling to check up on me so I know they were with me in spirit, but still...I cried the entire way to the shower.

Once I got in I was so happy to see my dear friends around me. Just the way I wanted it! Windy did a fabulous job with the decorations, Cheri was so gracious to offer her house and Karen made a YUMMY punch. Of course my favorite part was the MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ICE CREAM CAKE from Baskin Robbins. Someone knows me too well! Mmmmmm!

Thanks to all who attended or sent a gift. Your thoughts, kind words and generosity are appreciated more than you will ever know!

My WIndella crafted the super cute Halloween bucket for Isaiah's first trick or treat night (i'm sure his Daddy will eat most of the candy). I have a love of monkeys and some ladies from work sent me these cute little outfits and stuffed monkey. Karen's sweet momma knitted the blue and white afghan for Isaiah. If he is ANYTHING like me he will treasure this forever! What a special, special gift! There were so many more goodies but "blogger" is not letting me upload anymore pics at the moment. Stay tuned for more.....

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Yes, I know! I have not blogged lately. So much has been going on so I wanted to give a quick update. At the end of the summer I SUDDENLY found out that I would be teaching 1st grade instead of Kindergarten. The good news is I got to loop up with my kids from last year so classroom management has not been too big of a problem for me. However....I know NOTHING about first grade. I spend so much time at school and home preparing for lesson and researching stuff. I feel like a first year teacher, which is not so fun when you are oh so pregnant. I know God placed me here for a reason though and I have tried to see the positive in it all. My kids are GREAT, I just feel like a big dummy! hehehe
Football season is off to a start and that makes me HAPPY! Alabama is lookin' good and is undefeated. That makes me happier! Mike has really been missing my party throwing since I found out I was pregnant so this weekend I opened the "club" and had a "roll tide" party. It was fun to get together with everyone but boy was I tired after all was said and done. I have to say, though....our friends are SOOOOO worth it!
The four week grand opening at church has been AMAZING. Every sermon moves me in a different way and makes me realize how much God has been working in my life. Today's sermon was no different. I was a puddle of tears and it wasn't all easy to hear...but I am better for it! I hope God spoke to other members and visitors as much as he did me.
Mike will be gone this weekend as he serves on the Men's Tres Dias walk #12. I am so excited for the men going on this walk. I pray that God reveals His awesomeness to them in many ways. I,on the otherhand, am not looking forward to being alone. This week of pregnancy has brought about some pain. My bestest, Ashley, said she was wondering if I would ever hit a wall....HERE IT IS! I am so sore and so tired and so emotional. I feel lucky to have felt so great through this entire journey and I am so blessed to be caring this little bundle so I won't complain too much. Mike will only be 30 minutes away and I know I have a great Florida family to help me out if I need it.
I am so looking forward to my next THREE babyshowers! These are sure to keep me busy through the first of October. I am so blessed to have such wonderful, amazing, caring friends to support our growing little family. This weekend the festivities are kicking off with my Windella (and entourage). I have been kept in the dark about this one so I will have LOTS to blog about next weekend. The following weekend my groupie, Stephanie, has planned a HOOT OWL themed night for couples from the church. And following that is the "traveling baby shower" hosted by the one and only, Ashley (the hippest hostess in town-or out of town). Don't worry I will blog about ALL of these and be looking forward to some pics!
Thank you to everyone who has been praying for Michael, Isaiah and myself. I hope our prayer warriors keep it up as the time draws nearer! Love to all!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

33 weeks

Today I am 33 weeks pregnant! Last night at small group Mike made a comment that gave me butterflies. He was talking to one of the guys about weekend activities (shooting range, horseshoes, cornhole, etc)and stated he needed to get some of it in because he was gonna have a baby in the house NEXT month. AAAGGGHHHH!!!! Next month! I am so excited and nervous and happy and anxious and overwhelmed and overjoyed....ALL AT THE SAME TIME! We can't wait to meet you Isaiah Joseph. <3