Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Finding a Balance

Going from one kid to two kids quite frequently sends me in to overdrive. Isabella is pretty go with flow and laid back (thank you Jesus) but there are frequent feedings and diaper changes that have to be tended to. Getting out the door and anywhere on time is always a mini marathon. Feed, burp, diaper, change clothes, tummy time, supervise Isaiah getting dressed, feed him (yup some mornings it may have been cookies....don't judge) convince him to pick up the two billion toys he lugged out while I tended to above tasks with sister, notice Isabella spit up on her clothes so consider changing her ( yup I said consider....second born babies can roll with a little spit up on their clothes) make myself a cup of coffee and chug it, pack diaper bag, quick sniff to see if I need a shower,  dress myself and find new ways to hide my dirty hair, begin to head to the car only to realize it's time to feed the baby again which also means more burping, spit up and diaper change. In the midst of all this I also answer at least 150 questions from my toddler. Whoa!  
All that said, we have made it out on several occasions. Mostly we have arrived with smiles on our faces and a few times one of us has arrived in tears feeling totally inadequate for this job that God has blessed me with. I love being a mom to two right now but just being honest, it ain't easy. Ha!
Morning play time with my little engineer and an afternoon visit to the park to burn off some energy. 
Silly face time!  Aka: Finding ways to keep an active toddler entertained while feeding a baby. 
Breakfast in bed!  Because some days it's just easier. 
Fun at the park. 
Cartoons and snuggles (my favorite time of day). These are the moments I cherish most. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

One Month Stats

Weight: 7lbs 15oz 
Height: 21 1/4 inches  
Eating: 3 ounces every 2.5-3 hours 
Likes: swaddles, baths, snuggles, car rides, white noise and sleeping
Dislikes: eating, changing clothes or diapers and swinging
Sleeping: you are a great sleeper!  You stay awake about an hour after you eat each time and then you nap until your next feeding. At night you are a rock star. You wake up every four hours and go right back to sleep in your bassinet. Once the sun is up you like to snuggle and that's ok with me!
Outings: church every Sunday since you were 9 days old, miller's house, cappy and Ebbie's house, Lilly's bday party, Garland's bday party, jewelry store, AAMCO, grocery store and target, miskel's house, several parks, kids play, zoo, and a couple of restaurants. 

You are such a sweet baby and so easy to take out and about. Your only fussiness occurs when you don't want to eat or your tummy hurts. We are working on those tummy problems. Today your doc called in some Zantac for your reflux. Hip hip hooray and fingers crossed it works. You have got to gain some weight. 

I love you!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Four weeks!

Yeah Isabella you are finally gaining weight and you passed your birth weight this week weighing in at 7 lbs 14 ounces. You go little miss!  Now if we can get this nasty reflux under wraps we should be good to go. You sure are a happy, peaceful and pleasant baby though. 
Day 22
Day 23
Day 24: mommy took both you and Isaiah to the grocery for the first time. We went for our first walk in the double stroller and ended the night with a bath with brother. He sure loves you. All day he would say "aw, she's so cute!" 
Day 25: brother loves to snuggle with you in the mornings. We have started walking this week since I can't go to the gym. You are not a fan of the bumpy sidewalks but the road was a much smoother ride. 
Day 26: you took your first trip to the zoo today but mommy forgot to take any pictures. Ooops!  We all took a great nap once we got home. 
Day 27: whoa what a night. Your reflux flared up and you went on a 12 hour screaming fit that resulted in spitting up some blood. You gave mommy a good scare that's for sure. The mylanta finally gave you some comfort and we found some peace!  
Day 28: four weeks old: busy day and only got this morning snapshot
Looks like we will be changing your formula again. Hope this helps you sweet girl. 

Be Mine!

We had a fun valentines celebrating our love for each other. Mike and I went out Monday night for sushi, oysters, dessert and some adult time. It was nice to get alone and focus on us. In the hustle and bustle of work,kids and friends we can easily forget to check in with each other so some alone time was definitely well deserved. I sure do love this man and I am so thankful for him and the grace he shows me every day!  
On Friday I loaded up the kids and met Ashley and Kate for lunch at Brookhaven. Afterwards we went to see the Disney pirates and princesses show. It featured "jake and the Neverland pirates" and "Sophia the first". Such a great time with great friends. Isabella was a rockstar, again!  
We met mike at home and went to chik fil a for our family valentine dinner. Isaiah's choice!
After dinner we picked up some donuts and movie to enjoy once the kiddos went to bed. 
On Saturday mike and Isaiah headed downtown for the monster truck show. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Three weeks!

Sweet pea,
  This week started off a little crazy. Since you weren't gaining weight the doc had us bump up your feedings. This caused your stomach to do some new things. We both spent three straight nights in tears. You were so gassy and you fought me every time I tried to feed you. Glad I followed my gut and called the doc. They saw you early and you still had not gained any weight. You actually lost half an ounce. Your pediatrician diagnosed you with silent reflux and we started a new gentler formula and a mylanta regimen. I could tell a huge difference in just 8 hours. You went right back to sleeping like a champ and we both got some much needed rest. 
Day 15: captured a smile just in time
Day 16: rockin your headband to church and sweet snuggles later
Day 17:  you had you first babysitter tonight (Erica and Micah) while we celebrated valentines a little early
Day 18: daddy snuck in a photo before he headed off to work. 
Day 19: tummy time after a good nights sleep (you kept rolling onto your side but still a good work out)
Day 20: if you had it your way you would sleep like mommy, too bad I'm always putting you on your back at night 
Day 21: happy three weeks and happy valentines day!  You have brought so much more love into our lives. 
We love you sweet girl!