Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Leave your vote and let me know which story board you like the best. Here are the definitions for each in case you can't zoom in and see them:

miracle; divine, an inexplicable event, extraordinary act of God, flawless
precious; valued and cherished, loved, priceless and delightful

And thanks again to the fabulous Beth Carter! I really love her work and can't wait for the finished products!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunday Funday!

Sunday was jam packed with excitement for this family of three. Mike got up early with Isaiah and took him to his men's ministry meeting before church (i totally loved this because I got to sleep an extra 15 minutes and i got to relax in the tub, take my time getting dressed and not have to carry a million things out the door), THANKS HONEY! I met my boys at church around 945 and sent Isaiah to the nursery to play with his friends. After church we enjoyed a little bar-b-que and then took off to north lakeland to run some errands. You would think coming from a big city to a small town we wouldn't mind running up to the north side, but I swear it's like driving to Tampa. hahahaha! We found a great little pool for Isaiah for $5 at Target and then headed over to Christina Park for Austin's 2nd birthday party. The kids had a blast. There was some yummy homemade cake, lots of presents and a watermelon eating contest!

Afterwards we came home and spent a late afternoon by the pool. What a perfect Sunday Funday!

2 more!

I love this one of him pulling himself up in the basket. He was so proud! I was waiting for him to tumble over into the leaves but he was a champ!

Isaiah's face in this picture is priceless. He was so tired by this time. He was crying and then laughing. I think we will send this one to Saban...."TOUCHDOWN!"

Monday, May 16, 2011

6 month photo session

Tonight we loaded up and headed down to "the scrub" for Isaiah's photo shoot with Beth Carter. She never ceases to amaze me. The session only took about 30 minutes but it was so fun playing in nature with Isaiah. This place has some great walking trails. It is a must do for this family of three. I love new finds! Isaiah was a trooper. He loved playing in the leaves (and eating them). I can't wait to see all the shots, but Beth is so GREAT that she got three ready for us to see TONIGHT! Did I mention she is GREAT???!!! I took a wicker basket and we put him in for a few shots. That little wiggle worm grabbed a hold of the side and pulled himself straight up. He is so strong! We headed over to a walking trail and Beth set out a chair. We were both a little nervous putting him in it (I mean this was a real CHAIR). That little hoot hopped right up and sat in that chair like a pro!
Here are the three pictures she shared with us tonight.

I purchased this hat at Mudpies and Pigtails Boutique back in February. I have been so excited about it and I LOVE seeing this vision come together. We finally have our "little hoot" shoot! I couldn't be happier. Thanks again to Beth Carter photography and Monique at Mudpie and Pigtails. You have made me one happy Mommy. And I will now be the bragging mom, "isn't he the cutest most perfect owl baby you have ever seen in your life?"

Friday, May 13, 2011

Easter and Mothers Day

Sorry for the lack of blogs lately. Our computer took its' final breath and the purchase of a new computer is not at the top of our financial priority list. I must say it has been kind of nice not having one or the other of us hooked up to the "world wide web" at night. Currently I have the computer run to our tv and I am sitting on the floor with my neck and face turned up to see the screen. So, to avoid any neck problems this will be a short picture post.
First of all I must report on our church Easter program. AMAZING! God was all over that place! To check out the video of the cardboard testimonies you can go to and click on Easter 2011 cardboard testimony.
Isaiah had a great Easter and enjoyed all of his goodies. Thanks to Cappy and GranDebbie, Gigi and Pete, Aunt Ashley, Pawpaw D and Nana for donating to his day. Here are some pictures:

Mother's Day weekend was an absolute BLAST. I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my first MD! We started off Friday night with a stroll through downtown Lakeland and a stop at our favorite pizz place. Saturday morning we were up and at em' with our dear friends the Stiversons! We loaded up the suburban with strollers, coolers, sunscreen, carseats, babies, toddlers and precious friendships and headed off to Tampa for a day at Lowry Park Zoo. The weather was perfect (as perfect as Florida weather can be this time of year) and we had such a great time. Ellie was a blast to watch. She was so interested in all the animals. I don't know what she liked more, feeding the giraffes or riding the camel! I have always dreamed of having a little family and taking off on adventures with other families. It was such a special day and I will treasure it forever!

After a full day of zoo fun you would think this family of three would be DONE! Nope, not us! We came home for a quick refresher and loaded up for another evening downtown. My precious friend, Mary, was running in the May Faire 5k so I wanted to go cheer her on. Mary is a super star. She did a great job! After the race we settled in to a spot on the grass with 100's of other people and enjoyed a glass of wine, some live music and a fireworks show. Isaiah had a blast. He LOVES Mary. She has a special way of making him smile and giggle (even without Lilly)! Once the fireworks ended we headed over to the Red Door to check it out. We didn't have dinner but I cannot wait to go back. They have a large selection of wines, microbrews and a menu that makes your mouth water just reading it. Tables are set outside surrounded by dim lights, tiki torches and live acoustic music. This is a MUST DO DATE NIGHT for us!

I am so excited about the summer. COME ON SUMMER DAYS AND NIGHTS! June and July are already showing themselves to be quite busy for us. We are READY and EXCITED!