Sunday, February 28, 2016

Luke's BIRTHday

We went in to the hospital on Sunday, January 31 around 830 pm.
 Around 10pm the nurse started my first dose of cytotec. This medicine softens the cervix and can cause contractions. I was a little nervous I wouldn't be getting any sleep that night but luckily for me the contractions were very mild and I slept right through them. I got my second dose at 2am and went back to sleep until 6am when they started the pitocin. I slept again until almost 8 when I got up to brush my teeth, put in contacts and freshen up. At 830am Dr Williams came in to break my water. I was still only dilated 1cm. Within five minutes of my water breaking I dilated to 4.5 cms. Mike and I just hung out and watched episodes of "Suits" while we waited for the real fun to begin. By lunchtime I was dilated to 6cm and I was pretty relaxed. 

Mike offered up hand massages and applied pressure to my pressure points each time I had a contraction and I even worked in a few cat naps. Around 1230 the contractions rapidly got closer and more intense and for the first time in three labor experiences I had back labor. Oh. My. Wow!!!!  That was some crazy stuff. Luke was sunny side up so at 1pm the nurse put me in a position called "the pretzel". And that's exactly what I looked like. A big, fat, fluffy pregnant pretzel!  The first pretzel session on my right side lasted 30 minutes. Then I rolled to my left side and made it through 20 minutes before stuff got REAL!  I called for the nurse at 1:50 and told her it was go time. She had just checked me at 1 and I was only 7-8 centimeters so she wasn't sure but I was!  I wasn't allowed to push until my doctor got there because Isabella came out so fast. At 2pm my doctor came In and I pushed through the first contraction. Head out!  Second contraction came and so did the rest of Luke!  He was born at 2:11pm on February 1, 2016 weighing 9 lbs 2oz. 
We moved up to our mommy baby room about two hours later and the IJ's got to come meet their new brother. Isaiah was so excited and couldn't wait to hold him. Isabella wasn't sure what to think. 
I will be honest, I didn't want to share him too much. Soaking up all the sweet baby snuggles I can get. 
After all our visitors left around 9 that night he got his bath. 
Then we snuggled in for the night. 
Welcome to our family, Luke Michael!  I love you more than you know and can't wait to see how God works in your life

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