Monday, April 11, 2016

Two Month Stats


Weight: 13lbs 14oz
Height: ---- 
Eating: 5 ounces every 2-3 hours. Still breast milk and formula. 
Likes: baths, swinging, being naked and the car....if it's moving
Dislikes: the car....when it stops, sleeping, loud noises (I.e. Isaiah and Isabella), pooping and changing clothes
Sleeping: not so much!  Naps are short and few. At night you are up every two hours. 
Outings: we are back in full swing so you go everywhere we have to go. Gymnastics, tball, church, play dates, grocery store, doctor appointments, etc
Travel:  first road trip to Nashville to meet Aunt Ash and Uncle Nick. You were great in the car but you pretty much cried the whole time we were there. I'm pretty sure you offered up a hefty dose of birth control. Hahahaha!

Colic is a tough reality, but it is ours. I sure do love you, but the days are long and the nights are even longer.  I am hoping and praying that this passes at 12 weeks and in the meantime we will be starting probiotics. 

Week 5
These smiles remind me that colic won't last forever 
These two love you so much but I'm pretty sure they stress you out after 6pm. Welcome to crazy, party of 5!
Whatever it takes 
You love a good bath
Ahhhh sleep!  
Week 6
Tummy time
Superheroes make great big brothers. 
The struggle is real. 
Baby wearing is our friend. 

Week 7
Good Friday 
One time you are always really happy is the hour and half we spend together on Mondays and Saturdays while Isaiah does gymnastics. 

Week 8
You love to swing
Zoo days 

I love you!

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